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About Me

   When I hear someone say, "Tell me All About You" my first thought is, I’m your family’s Go-To agent. Do you know what I mean? I’m the Realtor® that is there to help you my clients and your friends with all your real estate needs. Need a mortgage lender, plumber, locksmith or handyman, I’m the girl to call! I maintain relationships with these professionals and focus on quality and fair pricing.

   Go-To agent means more quicker than Google, though, it means I am the agent that is part of the family and you will find I treat you like family. I guess it’s the way I was raised transcending in to real estate. It make your real estate wants and needs personal, and it’s my job to go out there and find it!

   Times have changed since the early 2000's melt down in real estate and the rules and regulations are a challenge for us professionals to understand, so it’s up to me to explain and share vital information that helps you make good financial decisions. Do you want to up-size? Is it a good tax advantage, are there any hidden costs and considerations? What’s the difference between Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Do I always have to put a 20% down payment and what are the consequences if I don’t have that big of a down payment? Can I have repairs done with a VA loan?

   So when you are talking real estate to your family and friends, just tell them to call your family’s Go-To agent, Peggy. Check out my website, it has tons of information that is helpful to both buyers and sellers.

   Keep an eye on some of my events or blogs. If you ever have a question that deals with real estate just contact me, I am here to assist.

Best regards,
Peggy A. Christie
Your Go-To Agent